Hi Readers, I’m still here!
I’ve been wearing sparkly outfits.
The first one up there is DKNY for the Top 40 party.
The one down below is Todoruk for EDSS.
Been riding the kids to school (they’re getting really heavy).
Early fall, Lisa came out to have an epic day on the water. The weather was unseasonably warm so we put on swim things and partied like it was going out of style. Though the whole summer was fabulous, I have to say this unexpected blip has lived on in my memory. One of the best days!
Back in the city, Alice has come to work with me all over the city. She nailed this photo shoot!

Back at the lake, we eat big breakfasts on race day.

Fall series racing! Really fun, and sometimes COLD.
There was the AC/DC concert, in the pouring rain.
Obviously, I’ve been teaching too.

At the Period Party with some fine ladies.

Got to hear Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Mehta in concert!

My father-in-law’s piece is currently on display at the U of A’s museums galleries at Enterprise Square.

There was Nuit Blanche. 
Hanging out with the A&W bear at an FC soccer game.
Alice was such a wonderful trooper, entertaining herself while I was at some leadership training for the Peter Lougheed Leadership College.
The Apricity crew showed up to celebrate Amor and her new Kindred Collection.
LEANNE was here on her book tour! Nothing like hanging with your bestie for approximately 48 hours.
I’ve been visiting schools
We read books and talk about poverty in the region.
Then my other bestie, Emma, was in town promoting Etta and Otto and Russel and James for One Book One Edmonton. I got a call to assist with some media, so of course I said YES.
haven’t forgotten, I’m still on the bike!
On Thanksgiving weekend, we went out to close down the lake for the season. Boats out of the water, trailers winterized, and lots of Thanksgiving dinners!
The first night of that long weekend was pretty magical. We showed up on Friday and a bunch of us ended up having an epic pot luck. While we were eating and staring at the horizon, somebody commented that it was a shame nobody was photographing it, so I ran out onto the dock just in time to catch the last of the light.
The next day featured beautiful weather for taking the boat out of the water, which involves sailing it all the way to the other end of the lake, extracting it, and taking down the mast (amongst other things). My role is to hang out with the kids at the playground while all the grunt work is happening.
We had a fantastic Thanksgiving cabin celebration with some lake friends! My piano student’s family, actually. Thanks Will, for taking our family photo.
Back at home I was on the road again with my United Way youth initiative (outreach component). Awesome to hang out with the leadership class from Centre High! They’ve already got a bunch of poverty-related projects on the go – That’s what I like to hear.
I was also at Rio Terrace, where an entire gym full of grade 1-6 sat respectfully and asked GREAT questions! They ranged from “How do you know when you’ve unleashed your inner leader?” to “When can you tell you’ve solved poverty?”
Amazing kids.
My sister-in-law’s birthday party was at Basically Babies. So I showed up and sorted baby clothes.
Then, it was off to the Banff Forum where I got to hang out with lots of super nerds (I say this with utmost affection) in a Hogwarts setting. Apparently this stairwell is haunted.
It’s an epic house on a BIG HILL. I believe they are called mountains.
After a wonderful weekend of work-fun mix (a lot more work for Don, I was merely a photographer), we stole 15 minutes to go look at a waterfall before getting back home to our babies.
Then it was off with the puffy vest and ON with sparkly dresses from DKNY
Also got the chance to see my sister in the chorus of Merry Widow By Edmonton Opera. I got pulled aside during intermission to conduct a quick interview with first-timers to the opera.

Finally, a few of my work wives from United Way came to watch me and Alice at another youth initiative gig – This time it was the gym at St. Joseph’s High School! I had to bring slides and everything!

This fall has been heavy. Last year I used to feel so tired with all the various jobs, but strangely enough, I’m feeling very well at the moment! I suspect I might be even busier than before.

Maybe it’s better planning. Maybe it’s because I’m spending more of my time doing things I really love (meeting and talking to kids). Maybe it’s because I’m slowly starting to shed the self-conscious caring about what everyone thinks and feeling misunderstood. All I know is I’m having a lot of fun despite running on high all the time.

Dexter is loving school (grade 1) and Alice is likewise a trooper. She gets dragged all over the city with me like a champ. Sits and plays with her stuffy. Eats whatever it is in her lunch bag. I’m really proud of her!

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The wonderful people at Big Brothers Big Sisters sent me these awesome photos from last year’s Lobster Lover’s Gala – I really feel as though I rocked that costume:)

I’ve been a Big Sister mentor for the last year or so. It’s a lot of fun and very educational! Wanna hear more about it? You should join us at the gala on November 6th.

It’s one of my favourite galas because I get to wear a bib:)
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Every August I get this email, letting me know that it’s time to renew my domain here at G&B. Even though I’m set up for auto renew, I still get the reminder email. For the past few years, every time this email arrives, I consider retiring the ‘ol blog.
Those who like my little photos can easily find me on Instagram, right? And, past a certain point, talking about the things I’ve done never seems to accurately reflect how much work it all is. Sitting here and writing it all down just seems like extra work. This, on top of all the behind the scenes effort required to make life run smoothly!
The blog is supposed to celebrate community and active transportation here in Edmonton (and during the summer, at the lake). Sure, it’s a sliver of Miss Sarah’s life, but sometimes there is a danger of people only thinking that I’m all rainbows and unicorns. Yes, the blog is generally a happy place! It’s designed to be that way. But, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole machine rumbling in the background, producing the show.
Still, I find value in keeping this scrapbook of sorts. I like having a record of the stuff I’m up to with the kids. I like looking back at an old post and remembering where I was at that point. There is still something that compels me to post (albeit less frequently due to time and motivation).
So I’m still here. And, if you’re still here reading – Thank you!
The remainder of my summer featured MORE SAILING! Fun fun fun fun fun. It’s such a strange sport, but the fun of rigging up a boat and making it move because of the wind? I love it.
We also made the annual pilgrimage to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
Alice broke her arm there.
She was climbing on us while we were laying on our blanket on the grass, and just fell down like a sack of potatoes. GREAT. So she got this back slab splint thing and had to wear it for 3 weeks.
She’s completely recovered now, and as you can see, the splint did not slow her down in the least.
We took some sweet kids on a Mayor for a day visit to city hall.



On a tour of the hall, we crashed the media room where they all took turns making statements. Dexter proclaimed everybody should have the day off. And, he invited them to a special party that was going to be catered by A&W, which he alleges, “Is the finest restaurant in Edmonton!”



After city hall, we all went over to fire station no. 1
It’s the only station in the city that still has poles! The kids got to climb on the trucks and see all the gear. Plus, meeting both the mascot, Sparky, and the official (though retired) fire dog – Sprocket! We also shot down pylons with the hose and ate lunch with a bunch of firefighters!


More laking.
Ooooo! My darling Leisha (camping buddy) made a visit.



And that was the same weekend my friend Simon, and I, took a little boat out on our own! No grown ups or teachers.

FIBA was an absolute thrill – Go team Canada!

Alice enjoyed being a cat at the kids fringe.


Hell basically froze over and I practised my swimming a whole bunch in August, in preparation for the Try-A-Tri. Hard core sporting stuff is really not my cup of tea, but I sort of committed myself in the spirit of “Yay!” for our fine city. Anybody who had a conversation with me in August heard me whine about the swimming.
I’m sorry.


Continued to do my fair share of pedalling around.
Went to dinner with a view, with my Works Gala co-chair, Sydney!
Then back to water and sunshine.
Ditto to Wednesday night racing! Not a lot of wind that night, which meant lots of harassing the enemy with my chattiness.
A few weeks later, and it turned COLD. My puffy down vest wasn’t even enough to deal with the bite that’s now in the lake air. I have since then purchased wooly socks, waterproof wind/rain pants, and a toque.
Ah, the cold weather extended to Edmonton for triathlon day. It was under 9 degrees… so NO SWIMMING! Part of me was a little disappointed that I would never know how I did, but a larger part of me was just happy not to swim.
Thanks to my friend, Jess, who leant me her sweet road bike.


The day after – Tour of Alberta.


Ah! The aforementioned Jess, joining me at the CASA ride start line. Nice to bike in civvies again.
Which, also means Alice coming to work with mommy (I’m 2016 co-chair for United Way’s Campaign Cabinet, and also the lead on UW’s youth initiative). It was time to talk to some fine people at the Glenrose about their campaign!
And that was just up until a few weeks ago. I’m now back at teaching (YAY!) and the kids are sometimes at school and sometimes with me during the day when I’m doing the 2nd job. There are lessons for the kids to get to, and infinite amounts of coordination required to make it all happen.
Having a lot of fun:)
And, working a lot.
You guys hang in there, and so will I!
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And just like that, it’s the middle of August.
After the last post, I finally started to really decompress and feel like it was okay to relax. I don’t go through life feeling intense anxiety or stress… but, I must hold the products of all my endeavours somewhere on a cellular level. My body is always waiting to DO something or go out and interact with people. It’s good practice to try and stay put! Although all that is soon coming to an end.
At least I have lots of memories of sailing time to tuck away! We’ll be going out during the fall too, though I doubt it will still be shorts and swimsuit weather.
In and around lake time, I hurry back into the city for the odd work thing. This one time, Amor and I were shooting a photo and doing an interview for EEDC’s new magazine. They were featuring a coveted Edmonton item, and chose my HUNT AMOR sunnies chain. So we drank punch at Three Boars and talked about Edmonton; creating stuff; and our friendship, with the editor.

Other meetings included Apricity regrouping to come up with a plan for this 2015-16 year. Board meetings are better avec moules frites par Café Bicyclette.

Don has had a bit of time off for summer vacation, and we’ve been hanging out nonstop with the kids. Most of it has been at the lake, but I was happy to capture the boys at Iconoclast in late July.

We took my little sister and the kids to KDays! Shelby convinced me to go on the Fireball, which was super fun at the time, and later left me with a splitting old-lady headache.

Then, we took our trailer out on the road.

We went south.

Ended up in gorgeous Drumheller! I had been once when I was 11 years old (choir tour), and remember almost nothing about it. Returning with kids aged 36, 6, and 3 – It was splendid fun!

We obviously climbed some hoodoos (Alice is fearless), and set up a great double camp with our trailer in combination with our friends’ vintage Sprite. My friend Leisha is the queen of camp. Her little trailer was like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. More and more amazing treasures kept emerging from inside and the kids were in heaven.

Want to wash some dinosaurs? No fear, auntie Leisha will produce a whole washing station complete with child-sized apron.

Want to play store? Auntie Leisha has a cash register inside, and is ready to help you merchandise all the camp items on a picnic table.

Puppet show? Got it.

Excavation tools for finding fossils? DONE.

Having wonderful and amazing friends means I had a lot of time to do this.

We did take several joyous walks.

Including this one climb up from a suspension bridge, around sunset. It was completely glorious.

Back at home, my friends organized and threw me a 90s Hip Hop birthday party at The Common, complete with ridiculous outfits (hello spandex, shoulder pads, and adidas) AND Moonshine Doughnuts!

Back at the lake, Alice tried out her new swimsuit.

On one particularly adventurous day, we did a big sail down to the completely opposite end of the lake in order to have some fun times with family friends.

Turns out my student was also hosting a bunch of her soccer friends, so Dexter obviously felt as though he was quite at home with the ladies.

Alice is riding her bike.

And I got to meet Taylor Swift – Totally unplanned and last minute.

She is very warm and gracious, with lots of energy and enthusiasm for her fans!

I um… sort of had a really good time at that concert.

Admittedly, I was somewhat over the moon when she told a mini story to the next night’s crowd. My friend with very fast reflexes caught it. Apparently Don and I were nice to meet too (phew)!
There has also been Folk Fest; lots of reconnecting for the fall (United Way youth initiative); catching up with some friends and (gulp); training for the try-a-tri for when the International Triathlon Union is here at the end of the month. I got roped into doing it quite by accident, and now I feel too ashamed to drop out.
Who knew that front crawl was so hard? Oh, I did. That’s why I never do front crawl and rarely swim (I’m great at splashing around and floating).
Now, I’m in trouble.
But, I’m going to practice a bit and see what happens.
Pray for me.
And hold onto every wonderful day of summer we have left!
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How has it become the middle of July?!
It feels like yesterday, that the Works Gala wrapped. I immediately embarked on some self-care (getting more sleep, seeing my acupuncturist, doing my annual with the doctor) and banking a bunch of time at the lake.
Even with all the restorative measures, I only now feel like I am beginning to decompress. Phew!
But, what a gala it was! Thanks to Coup Boutique for lending me a gorgeous outfit to wear. It worked perfectly for my piano playing during the gala’s reception.

Thanks also to Pose Salon who made sure Sydney (my darling co-chair) and I  were photo ready.

The amazing Cory Christopher struck again.

And, we were treated to performances from Capital City Burlesque!


It was a delightful party with many components – I had a splendid time! This is me fan-girling on Emma and Kim after The Wet Secrets performed.

And finally, this is me falling asleep on the train ride home *yawn*

Rolled out of bed the next morning, put on my new summer uniform (rompers for the win), and got myself out onto the deck of our boat.

Then it was back into town to host the year end recital for my students. Afterward, Don and I took a spin over to have a celebratory “you did it” dinner!

Oh, and then there was FIFA. Amazing energy in that stadium of ours – I was so proud of Edmonton!

When we’re in town, I’ve been taking the kids to splash on these hot days.

And when we’re out at the lake, the kids do this:


While I learn about flaking the jib.

Being off work for the summer means I can cook again. Have been dying to try this recipe from my dear bestie’s book, Good and Cheap.  Get yourself a copy! When you purchase one, a second copy is given to a person or family in need.

My kids enjoyed a Debussy children’s concert at city hall, as part of Alberta Pianofest. They were unable to sit still, so they were given these awesome t-shirts to colour while listening.

Been biking to have overdue lunch with my friends.

Dragged the kids onto the LRT with me, to get down to 104 Street.

Where we went to Rostizado for the filming of You Gotta Eat Here!

Don was supposed to come too, but he was caught up in a meeting that ran very late. As a result, I teamed up with Works Gala co-chair, Syd. We did a nice little urban family routine!

And, she was super handy while I was getting interviewed about Rosti-Pollo. I don’t anticipate I’m going to be looking all that classy while stuffing spicy rotisserie chicken into my shiny & sweaty face. Both the temperature and food were hot that day, and with the extra lights from the camera crew… oh gosh.

The kids ate tons of churros and nursed their food comas on the way home.

We got bubble tea in an effort to beat the summer heat.

And, more time out on the water!

In this photo, I think I was just about ready to tack.

Alice has been pretending to be a surrogate mother to any dog she can lay her hands on.

Back home, the kids got to have a visit to Fort Edmonton.

Plus, they came with me to my fitting at CRUZ. Bamboo Ballroom is celebrating its 10th birthday by having a design competition at the Latitude 53 patio party on July 23rd! Essentially, a bunch of us have been asked to team up with a local designer, and people can bid on what we’re wearing (silent-auction style) that night. The winner will get the same dress made in their size, and all proceeds will go to the Junior League of Edmonton.

Finally, I was lucky to be in gorgeous flowy DKNY linens during today’s United Way shoot.

Working out in the sun can be brutal, but linen is such a hot weather luxury. It was amazing, flying behind me on my bike ride home! Natural air conditioning.

Each visit to the lake leaves me with a darker tan (despite my copious application of sunscreen), but I can’t stay away from the water!
Hope you’re enjoying the sunny days, even with the intensely hot temperatures. Summer is flying by so quickly, you have to enjoy as much of it as you can!
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 I feel like I am SLOWLY limping towards the year-end finish line. One more teach. One more sleep. One more event.

And soooo tired!

Regardless, we move forward.

Like last weekend when the kids and I took the train downtown for a rooftop party at Manasc Isaac.

There was some teaching, some BBQ, and some early father’s day dinner last Saturday… and then we loaded up the car and did a day trip out to the lake!
It had been WAY too long.

Bestie, Lisa, is in and out of town all the time for work. So, it’s hard to pin her down these days. Luck would have it that we were just randomly msging and it occurred to me to ask if she was available to come with us – She said yes!

After a day of sun and water (have unfortunately placed tan lines to show for it), it was back into the city.
I had been asked to host the Sterling Awards this year – What an honour! I’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear these ridiculous eyelashes. This was it!

Co-host, John Ullyatt, and I were tickled to see that our outfit changes for the 2nd act were serendipitously matchy. You can’t see our bottoms halves too well, but his pants are shiny and my shoes were likewise sparkly.

It was so much fun, the next day I was already feeling withdrawal from our backstage antics and mutual mockery.

Back in mom-life, here are the kids at the library.

And Alice is scooting towards the café for my meeting.

She also came with me to do a media call with Ryan Jespersen, to promote the Works Festival and Gala!

I fought I had cut my peonies too soon, but they’re BLOOMING!

Peonies are my favourite.

My dad, who is basically a saint, has been working away on the remainder of our landscape. He takes frequent breaks to feed this one.

I didn’t realize the extent of my fatigue until I opened up Avenue Magazine and saw this photo of me and Don. And, I had NO IDEA when it was taken. I actually had to read the article to jog my memory.

The kids have continued to bring their darling offerings – It makes me feel so loved at the end of another year of teaching.

Yesterday, Alice got her first pedicure. She was alarmingly into it.

Works Gala co-chair, Sydney, and I got matching gold toes for the Golden Summer Gala tonight! The Nailkeeper was kind enough to donate a mani-pedi for our silent auction, so we figured we’d get our feet done AND pick up the gift certificate at the same time.

Be prepared for a barrage of photos from the big party tonight – It’s the last big blast before the summer break! I’ve also got my students’ recital on Sunday, and then that’s officially a wrap for teaching this season.
Then, it’s lake and sun time.
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In some ways, certain things have died down, but other delightful things have taken up my time.
Edmonton has been having the most fabulous weather (albeit a little dry) so we’ve been enjoying tons of time outdoors! Perfect too, since Edmonton has been hosting lots of out of town guests. I love that people have gotten the opportunity to see Edmonton in its summer glory. We’re a beautiful city!
I’ve been delivering Dexter to school in the bucket bike. THEY LOVE IT.
Speaking of love, Dexter had a pretty fun time in the park with his pals.

In the realm of work, my Works gala co-chair and I were at Coup Boutique, shooting a few promo pictures for the party. They’re offering 20% off for anybody who has purchased a ticket (thanks)!

The kids have been roaming around downtown with Emily.

I took the kids to a Pilgrims Hospice brunch one weekend. It was glorious.

Here is Alice’s bed head.

And here she is on one of our rainbow (pride) sidewalks!

More Works promo shoots at Lululemon, a generous contributor to our silent auction.

On a downtown day, we had impromptu hot dog cart lunch with dad.

And, Alice continues her trend of coming with me to work. This time she assisted me with the red carpet reception at the 1000 Women Luncheon.

I am been riding the faster bike. Oh, it’s so much fun!

Rode it to a Works gala meet (it’s in a few weeks, which is why I’m talking about it all the time).

Later on, I switched to LRT to get downtown.

And the next day I was happy to see the LRT jammed to the rafters with FIFA fans.
Bin and I found ourselves at a world sporting event again.

It was a glorious day for a game!

Then it was off to city hall to host all the delegates from FCM conference. We had food trucks outside and an open house inside the hall. People were able to wander around and make their own fun – It was great!

And then I hopped on the train again to go to see Metric and Imagine Dragons.

And finally, the train back home again with Sable.
And to cap off the weekend, a breezy ride over to brunch.

Prouder than ever to live in Edmonton – It’s been a swell time!

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Have been banking lots of hours on the bike, on the boat, and eating cake. May is officially here with its barrage of birthdays and the beginning of lake season!
Dexter has been a super sweetie who spent a good chunk of time hanging out on a ladder to keep me company while I scrubbed a boat deck for many hours. I don’t know about you guys, but if something isn’t somewhat clean, I  just can’t enjoy it.
Alice turned 3 on May 14th! Here she is with her hippo and grocery basket when we went to pick up her birthday cake a few weeks ago.
She had a wonderful little cake moment with her cousins and brother. Look at her intense focus! Also, LEGO candles on a ninja turtle cake?
Life is good.
In other super exciting news, my bestie from NYC was here! Leanne was here for a little bit, working on a new book, and managed to have a few hours free so I brought her to my Blackstone set visit. Can’t believe how much work goes into shooting a scene and getting everything ready even before the actors show up to do their thing. Major respect! Also, very impressed that this is shot and produced here in Edmonton.

The ice has just come off the lake recently so the water is COLD. But, boats still have to go in and trailers need to be opened up for the new season. I’ve decided to change my trailer game and have started cooking with the George Foreman in there. It even does eggs!

Alice has likewise been enjoying fresh air. Here she is after waking up from an epic nap. She takes after her mother and is not a morning person.

Water may be cold, but it’s super fun to be out there.

Back at home, Alice and I are on the train. She insists on taking “Clifford” with her wherever she goes.

 That particular morning we were off to a Works Gala meeting. The day before I was on the train to host the little luncheon that got auctioned off for SACE.

Another day, Leanne and I biked down to little brick!

Leanne was there to talk business with Nate. I was just there for the bike ride and sandwiches. I got three mosquito bites on the way home (2 on my face, because they really hate me), but it was worth it to have a few moments with old friends.


After hanging out, Leanne kept riding downtown to investigate some other work-related things. I rode over to grab a few party supplies for Dexter, groceries for BBQ that weekend, and was also carrying my stash of coffee beans.

This is my favourite sort of stuff on a bike. Riding to get some work done. Picking up groceries and stuff in small batches… biking as transportation, integrated into the whole routine of daily life.

Also rode just yesterday, to get caught up with this darling.

Dexter and Alice also get taken to soccer via bike. It’s their favourite!

And finally, before my beloved Leanne departed for NY, she made us some gourmet mac n cheese last night.
Oh yah, and Dexter celebrated HIS birthday too! Now he’s 6 years old and I actually have to send him off with bus tickets to ride the train. Everybody is growing up so fast – Love my little family!
Hope you’re staying safe from the sun and bugs – If you’re a fair weather cyclist, I’ll be seeing you out there!
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Love all these ladies in my life! My daughter, mommy, niece, sister-in-law, and sister!
I’m sure they’re all impressed by my locker room photo antics at the Edmonton Eskimos Women’s Dinner.
Later that week, The Works Gala co-chairs, Sydney and Sarah were representing at AGA’s Art on the Block. If you don’t have your Works Gala tickets yet, go here and GET ‘ER DONE!


Taught my students, hung out at the Royal Bison with my little sister, and then sat with Sophie the dog at my hair appointment.


Took my newly trimmed hair to the CSU 52 retirement dinner. This dinner is one of my favourites! There are the sweetest retirees with their families, and all these animal helium balloons that people  take for their kids and grandkids. Also, tiramisu.


Excited about my Royal Bison loot, which is more HUNT AMOR.


Mother’s Day! My kids were actually with my parents for the day (they take Dexter to wushu class) so my gift was sleeping in and then running a bunch of errands with Don in preparation for lake season. There were no groceries in the house, so we stopped off at Belgravia Hub to inhale some yummy brunch before heading off.

Later on Mother’s Day we convened at my brother’s for BBQ! I was reunited with the kids, and everybody else. Here, you see me with Sable and my mommy!


Got home, put the kids to bed, and then shared my Moonshine Doughnuts at our weekly GoT viewing.

In other mom-related duties, I took the kids to their dentist appointments. Dexter was a champ!

And now that the weather is beautiful out, I am often found sitting on my front steps, awaiting my afternoon students.


I hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day, in whatever capacity you celebration your mama!
 Really stoked about sharing adventures from the lake and lots of birthdays in the next while!
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We’ve been through labour together; drooling, diapers, teething, more “phases” than I can count.. and we’re just getting started.
Happy Birthday, Alice!
My sweet 99th percentile baby is growing up so fast!
She was never a tiny thing. She was one of those babies with gigantic thigh rolls and enormous cheeks.
That first summer we had her, we took her camping.


I think this photo here is her first Thanksgiving.

Then she started growing up!

She went through some intense periods of separation anxiety. There was this month where she would lay in front of the door to my music studio and just moan for a long time when I was teaching my students. She would also stick her fingers under the bottom of the door so that each lesson was part music education and part horror film.
My parents have been key in Dexter and Alice’s lives. Without them, my life would look completely different. All their raising me aside, they have now made it possible for Don and I to perform public service to the capacity that we do. Would be lost without them.

I started tying Alice’s hair into a sprout.

Then two sprouts.

This was mother’s day last year.

And, there was the not-so-distant G8 protester phase.

Her mane is becoming more majestic by the week.

She is stealing my jewelry.


And finally, here she was hiking up a storm in Jasper last weekend.



Love my little lady.
We doubled her height when she turned two in order to predict how tall she might end up. The calculation came out to 6’3.
That’s my girl!
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