The end of summer was super exciting here in Edmonton. Between the Triathlon and Tour of Alberta, our roads were taken over with athletes and cheering fans!
The kids came with us to ride in the CASA Family Ride, which was TONS OF FUN. Nothing like cruising through downtown without having to stop for lights, and being leisurely enough to chat with friends while coasting around.
Alberta Treasury Branch was a generous sponsor for the Tour, and also for the CASA ride. Those dudes know how to have fun! I challenged their president, Dave Mowatt, to a race up the (small) hill. Since he wasn’t able to make the ride, he sent his CFO, Jim McKillop, instead. And they decided to make a little vid about it:
Post ride, the we took the kids into the square to hang out.

After I delivered the kids to gong gong and poh poh’s (my parents) for nap time, I went back downtown to experience the excitement!

Inspiring, exciting, and SO FAST!

Can’t wait until next year.

I’m not usually one for wearing spandex and riding around super fast, but I certainly don’t mind having my city taken over by bikes. Whatever that looks like! Maybe next year I’ll have my road bike back in action for CASA ride…


September 15, 2014

You know you’re scrambling to master a new routine when you’re the sort of mom that doesn’t even think to take pictures of her kids going to kindergarten for the first time. SIGH!
I wouldn’t describe life as being ridiculous or horrifying lately, but the new normal has definitely taken a few weeks to master. Going to bed early so I can get up early. Watching Dexter take 15 minutes to put his socks on (he knows how, he is just SO SLOW). It’s a bit of a shift.
Luckily, teaching and back-to-school in that regard is running as smoothly as ever. Love seeing my kids again, along with all their excellent parents! Got my piano tuned. Have been at the music book store a bunch.
And as you can see up above, fall biking has begun. Jacket, scarf and gloves were all necessary last week since we took a bit of a temperature plunge. This week is looking prettier, though the oscillation between warm and cold is just how it goes for us northern prairie people. That’s why we all have lots of coats! There is one for every occasion.
In non-work related, non-1st lady related news (you don’t want to hear about my committee meetings; media calls; or visits to YESS, do you?) I’ve been catching up, running errands, and finally had the chance to visit Jacek on 104 Street. After tasting lots of chocolates, I barely had room for my lunch.
On another day, I was hanging with my “little” from Big Brothers Big Sisters. Henna time!

Stopped in at the Alberta Craft Council to check out Matt Heide’s show.
And, after far too long, we made it out to the lake for a work day.
After spending the summer in my beloved “Walnut” (our 1979 immaculately vintage Travel Aire), all our exhaustive shopping led us to our new trailer. Do you know how many newer trailers are WAY bigger than before but sleep way less people? Also, newer trailers don’t generally have big front windows anymore. The interiors are often horrifying. We needed something that wasn’t claustrophobic for Don; had a bed big enough for him (freak show, if you ask me); could sleep all four of us; was still small enough to fit in our little parking spot; and had a window to face the lake.
We don’t go all the way out there to stare at a wall with a huge TV on it.
We wanted something we could enjoy at the lake with the kids, and also tow around on road trips in Dexter and Alice’s little kid years. Something that Dex and his friends could take on the road in the future. Something Don and I could go on old people empty nester adventures in.
So here we are.
We had to swap all the stuff from trailer 1 to trailer 2. Lots of cleaning, parking, and levelling. At least it was accompanied with ciders and sunshine!

Now it’s another week! Dexter is off at school while Alice listens to music and reads books while I’m on the computer.

It’s probably time to change out of yoga pants and get on with it.

Have a great one!