Last week I rode to a Sign of Hope tour. Things are getting chilly, but I have yet to break out the winter bike. Soon enough… soon enough…

Alice came with me to do a site visit to the Jasper Place Library, where we’re planning a wonderful event to raise funds for the library’s Welcome, Baby program. In and around the brainstorming, Coryand Alice had lots of fun in the children’s section.

There was some atypical treatment towards pumpkins too, with my “little” from Big Brothers Big Sisters. Turns out spray painting things is really fun! Make sure to stand back and take fresh air breaks.

I finally harvested these tiny potatoes from my farming experiment. Everybody I know grows things. They say it’s easy. Then I tell them I’m the person who killed dill and mint. And they look horrified.

With some coaching from this one woman I keep seeing on the event circuit (I call her my potato coach), I decided to give the taters a try. When I took four small seed potatoes up to the cashier at Kuhlmann’s Greenhouse, he just gave them to me for free.

Who grows four potatoes?

Well, me.

The yield was pretty meagre, but I didn’t kill them! I think more room means more potatoes, so next year I might be brave enough to try putting them in a planter of some sort and “hilling” them.

They do taste amazing.

In a whole other strange universe, Don and I were at the legacy reunion for the 1984 Edmonton Oilers.I wasn’t really prepared for what the event was going to be like, but upon arrival I almost peed my pants when I saw… Andy Moog! What a super nice guy!



It was wacky being at ice level too. Makes me wanna become a rock star!


Then we took a picture with this shiny cup!

A fortuitous run to the bathroom meant I couldn’t go back into the arena until the team marched the Stanley Cup in there. So fun to see them all queueing up for their big entrance.

Later on, hanging out in the locker room with Kevin Lowe.

After losing my voice yet again (I can’t get ahead of the loud talking at these late events), I woke up and rolled myself over to the lake to watch friends take boats out of the water.

Tom came too!

We ate at a diner where Don and I enjoyed our no makeup/no shaving selves.

Hung out on stoops while Don was purchasing trailer antifreeze.

Visited Mike and the boat he made. He can pull his pretty boat out of the lake really late in the season, so he’s one of the only guys left.

Found an amazing fur coat at the thrift store. Too bad it’s way too big for me.

Then it got cold, so it was time to go inside.

The next day we spent winterizing the trailer for the first time. With a lot of steps and help from friends, we were able to get everything in order eventually.
Then it was Thanksgiving time! Check out the turkey that Dexter drew at school:


Am so lucky to have great family help me with the kids while Don and I are busy. The kids were at my parents’ and Dexter also had a sleepover with his cousins! Good times watching movies and going to the park with Keira and Gabe (and Alice made a guest appearance).


We ran errands. Ate one turkey dinner and one prime rib one. Ate pumpkin pie twice!

It was a busy one, full of lots of fun, but many other parts you don’t see. I don’t like to write about the unpleasant work-related things (like learning how to pump black water out of a trailer), because once they’re done I generally like to forget about it. Rest assured, life is fun times, but it’s also a product of lots of hard work.