Have been lucky enough to enough lots of everything! City. Lake. Work. Family.
Even though it has been cold, we made one of our last runs out to the lake in order to milk one of the last family weekends out of the lake season. The kids enjoyed the trailer and played in the sand.
But before that, I made a visit to my old high school, Ross Sheppard! I was getting in touch with my old social teacher to hatch plans about a youth initiative I’m working on with the United Way. It’s funny being back at the school!
The funny thing was after I posted the picture of the Thunderbird online, so many people came out to say they also went to Shepp -Thunderbirds forever!

 Here is Dexter being cute and eating popcorn before bedtime.

Also, my Good and Cheap book arrived! Authored by my amazing friend, Leanne Brown.

My old editor was hanging around Edmonton for a little while, so we went for drinks and put on tattoos to express our love for our old newspaper.

I rode the Pashley around at night, in the cold, in my Bano eeMee! I’ve never had a leather jacket before and it’s wonderful! I saw his spring collection at fashion week and fell in love. Luckily, his beautiful leather goods are available here in town at Thread Hill and Bamboo Ballroom! My wonderful piece is called the Bolton.

So that’s the city stuff! Here is the lake stuff:

Beautiful! It’s October, but still sunny and gorgeous. The joy of the prairies.

 We had a rockin’ time in the trailer with the kids!

Even in the fall, the kids keep taking their things off and going in the water.
Back in the city, I was thrilled to receive a gift from one of my students. I’ve been working with this family for 12 years. Back in the day I would get fresh baked cookies for a gift. Now? Falsies from the Daiso in Vancouver! Love my friends/clients. They know me well.

And finally, an early picture of the kids in their Halloween outfits. Dexter was hell bent on being an angry bird for Halloween. I looked into DIY options, but once Dex saw these costumes online there was no turning back. I warned him that having a costume you wore over your head might be weird, but he said it wouldn’t be a problem.

The angry birds arrived today. The kids are overjoyed.
And that’s life, lately!