My tutu and I riding Pashley home after a very late (and cold) evening
So last weekend, between teaching and all the fashion week business – I took the kids to go ride horses! Friends of ours have some beautiful animals out on the land nearby and we were long overdue to hang with the animals.
Dexter had such a wonderful time taking care of this horse, only to rub his hairy mitts all over his eyes and face, and then have an allergic reaction. It was mostly superficial with puffy eyes and hives, without any difficulty breathing. Poor guy! He was a trooper and felt much better after I threw him into the bath and gave him antihistamines.
Alice, on the other hand, had zero problems. She and Rachel had a great time!

Sunday was a quiet day, where I cleaned things and made food and hung out with the kids.

Alice has great bed head!

Dex, unsurprisingly, was a super sweetie.

I’m almost over the loss of my voice. That’s what happens when you’re in loud places doing your loud talking all the time. Sigh.

Other good news? One last romp at the lake this weekend! It’ll be brisk, but I’m ready.