I have no idea why, but ever since it has snowed, I’ve been riding more.
What’s up with that?
Admittedly, they’re short trips to and from the train station and neighbourhood coffee shop, but there is something really great about breathing in the crisp air. I love it!
This makes it difficult to get along with people who only know how to complain about the weather. GET A COAT! And, maybe some mukluks? When we were super cold last week I wore double socks and a toque. All good. Even walked Dexter to school with Alice in the stroller. Add some snow pants to the equation and you’re laughing!
My darling friend who designs HUNT AMOR needed her collar back for a photo shoot last week. She has a solo show at PARK this weekend and I can’t wait to see her new pieces on the runway! While I had the collar out for pick up, Alice put it on and starting lounging around the house with her crazy style. I took her photo. Including the yogurt face.

Don and I were sad to miss the launch of the WREATHS at Cory Christopher’s (we were called to a dinner with the new University of Alberta president). But, we stopped in after the party ended to take a picture with our beloved LEGO wreath.

You can go to the link and vote for it to be your favourite! The wreath that gets the most votes will have $2,500 donated to their charity of choice. Ours is iHuman. You can buy it too, with the online auction situation.
I will have you know that Cory assisted with all the other wreaths. Ours was built from scratch without such assistance. And with no glue! If you were to throw all those wreaths on the ground and break them. There is only one where the creators could re-build without assistance.
Can you tell? I am feeling SO COMPETITIVE about this.

In a strange twist of fate, Don and I actually had some time off on Saturday afternoon. TIME. OFF.

I spent mine having brunch with a friend (WHAT?!) and then ran errands with Don.

Yeah, you heard me. Ran errands. With Don. It was amazing!

Then we came home and I got all dolled up for the evenings events. There were several stops. Upon arriving home I put on a lounging t-shirt and had a night cap. That’s what Saturday night looks like.

Next day, we hosted brunch for some of Dexter’s school friends. They destroyed the house while I drank mimosas.

Then, it was off to the Eskimos game! It was hella cold, but we went all bundled up like true northerners. I was really jealous of the people with skidoo suits! Now I know what to do to up my winter game.

Speaking of games, I’ve got my fingers crossed that we win against Calgary next week… then it’s off to the GREY CUP!

Change of wardrobe, and then mei mei arrived for the SIMONS gig.

We had a splendid time visiting with friends and carolling for a private shopping party. A percentage of proceeds from sales that evening went to Youth Empowerment & Social Services (YESS), to whom I am an honorary patron.
And that was some of my weekend! Now, back to the grind.