Last weekend, one of the legs of my journey was on LRT. Winter was still mild and I could get away with a cape! This is no longer the situation. Lots of snow here, but we’re shovelling and layering up like the Northerners we’re meant to be.
Inside, Alice is really into her stuffies. She likes to be their mom and group them into families and put them down for napping… it’s REALLY CUTE. She also sings random songs to them, with no lyrics.

I have been on the bike, with parka and mukluks.

Snuggling with baby Alice.

Planning The Works Gala (30th Anniversary)!

Touring lots of Edmonton’s literacy agencies, like the COW Bus!

What a fabulous program for kids in dense areas, who might have barriers getting to a library on a weekly basis. This bus has it all! Stories, games, puppets… and wonderful people facilitating the programs.

I had to take a selfie with Pete the Cat.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a Big Sister? I was matched last June and my “little” (she is taller than me) and I have been hanging out ever since. The agency was having their annual Lobster Lovers Gala last weekend, and invited me to speak about my experience.
I also put on their lobster costume prop at the Photo Booth.

I also stopped by PARK to ogle my spring Bano eemee coat that is coming soon! Can’t wait to feel like Uma Thurman from Kill Bill.

Oh, and my most darling HUNT AMOR was also showing! Epic stuff.

Amidst it all, Sable had a birthday!

And, Alice raided my lipstick. Horrifying.

Look forward to more pictures with snow! I’ve got lots to photograph now:)