Riding in November!
I’m still here. I’m still alive. So busy (I know, let’s not complain about it). I haven’t had time to check in. Rest assured, we are well. Lots going on.
I feel as though talking about stuff just exhausts me more. When people say, “What are you busy with?” Attempting to explain the various components of why I’m maxed out just leaves me tongue tied. Want me to join your moms book club? No. Interested in joining a spin class? Thanks, but if I’m going to ride a bike, it’s going to be moving and going somewhere.
ACK! I can’t even enjoy casual solicitation from mom friends. This is where I am at.
In no particular order:
Dex, Alice, and I went to the downtown library to film a little segment about why we love Edmonton Public Library! The kids were real troopers.
I went to my first Fashion with Compassion event! Was really stoked to see the spring collection from Malorie Urbanovitch.



Also, Cory Christopher designed the event. Proud of my friend for such a beautiful room and florals!
Was hilarious to get this photo taken of me, from my friend Katherine. Looking SO SERIOUS about fashion.

On rainy days, sometimes I take the bus.

Alice has been in love with all the wonderful pumpkins Cory dropped off. She routinely arranges and rearranges them on the front steps. I like it when she puts them into “families” and then gives them voices. Hilarious!

I’ve also been drinking some delicious coffee from burrow, down in the LRT station. Even rode my bike up the street with my beverage. What an excellent addition to the city!


On another random evening somewhere, I met a robot that can be controlled via breathing through a tube. Mega cool.


The kids went bowling for the first time, at their cousin’s birthday party.


I got a hair cut.

Dexter and I have been running errands.


Gathering supplies for a project.

Tom came over to assist the Chivesons with said project. It’s an unconventional wreath for Cory Christopher’s holiday something-or-other. Ours will get auctioned off and the funds will go towards our charity of choice (iHuman). Yay!

Don doesn’t have lots of time for things like this, so it was wonderful to have a friend come help consult. In the end, Don ended up coming and doing the build. It turned out great! I’ll share more photos once it’s styled properly with an awesome bow.

These were our pumpkins for Halloween! They turned out great! Yellow bird, laser bird, and a mine craft creeper.


They went perfectly with his yellow bird costume. The kids had a marvellous time trick or treating together!


Ran into this guy again at a committee meeting. Decided to model my mom’s knitting from Cory’s Christmas Market. He’s got a tons of local goods from artisans on display, and one of them happens to be my mama!


In other domestic news, Alice has been quite the character lately. Really sweet, bright, and imaginative! Then volatile, stubborn, and dramatic. LUCKY ME.


Though, the kids did come to the iHuman gala with me and had a spectacular time. Thanks for going to work with mommy!



Alice has also come with me to some work meetings too. Hanging out in boardrooms, watching yo gabba gabba, and eating snacks while mommy gets down with her not-for-profit gigs. Thanks, baby!
Then, refusing to go to bed. She has been quite the night walker, this one.


After Halloween, one eats tacos at Tres Carnales before attending a Gabor Maté lecture on compassion. Beautiful talk!


Between all the stuff there is the usual teaching, kid rearing, grocery-getting, household coordination stuff. I’m barely on top of my emails! For the first time in forever, I’m forgetting things. I’m an old lady that needs to write everything down now.
But I’m still at it. One day at a time.