Super excited that mèi mei debuted with success last week!
To bring you up to speed, my sister Sable and I have formed a little ukulele cover duo. It’s something that is completely random and removed from the other things I’ve got going on. It’s not teaching. Not mom stuff. Not 1st lady stuff. Not volunteer, not-for-profit stuff. Just… something I get to do for myself. Plus, it’s mega FUN!
Our next gig is a Christmas one. Yay!
This week, the kids went to the dentist. No cavities. It wasn’t Dex’s first visit, but it was the first time for Alice. Generally speaking, she did really well! I consider not crying and running away a success.


Dex celebrated his healthy teeth by building some awesome duplo.

The little man and I also had a lunch date.

Before his eye exam. 20-20 vision!

It was a good week. Got the kids processed. Went to some super interesting work meets. Taught a bunch of students.
And it snowed!
Brought out a heavy coat and boots and everything. It’s going to be a fun winter!