It’s time to winter bike! I’ve had Kona out and ready for a month now, just waiting for the snow to fall. We only got a little bit of snow but it’s windy and COLD. I had to break out three different winter jackets because I was having difficulty measuring the cold factor! I didn’t wear them all at once. I also forgot I have this light puffy vest thing from Uniqlo and it’s basically the best thing ever.

I think homes in northern climates need bigger closets.

In other news, the rodeo was here this past week. I was trying to get my hair out of my face for this photo op, but this failed photo works quite well.

The city market has moved indoors. I have discovered that Dex and Alice actually like to eat carrot sticks, when the carrots taste like real carrots! Note to self, need to start buying market carrots all the time.

Amanda and I took a break from making horrified faces, and smiled for this photo at the aforementioned rodeo. I don’t know how anybody’s neck and back are okay after competing.

Alice had a very exciting day ogling all the horses and cows, then she skipped her nap and went to a dinner party where she was showered with treats and attention (webkinz, nurf guns, chicken fingers, sweet potato fries, ice cream, chocolate milk AND juice). She bawled on the way home because she knowingly took her mitts off and threw them on the floor of the car. LIFE IS SO HARD!

Bright and early, media call on Monday morning. Cory Christopher is having a wreath auction (more details to come) and our family made a LEGO one! I am so in love with that little thing. It’s charming and awesome and most importantly… no KRAGLE! I’m with Marni from Glow Juicery – She is so wonderful, she actually glows. Whatever she puts in her juices, it works.


mèi mei had another practice, for our Christmas gig at SIMONS this Sunday! Cory Christopher is styling and hosting a private shopping event – We’ll provide some ambient holiday cheer.
Then, it was my niece’s birthday party so we went to Four Cats for a birthday party.
Dexter had GREAT TIME and met the beautiful Tessa. She was distracted for a while, but then…

found it hard to resist Dexter’s charms. So cute!

I taught students. Made snacks. Cooked dinner two nights and ate dinner as a family! All in all a very successful long weekend!

Now, back at it.