Readers! You still there?
I won’t bore you with the finer details of why I’ve been away. I respect your intelligence and will operate under the assumption that you know what being busy is like.
I do have some cute photos to share with you!
And… cue blog post:
Up above you see Dexter and Alice dressed up for the first time, at the same time. Super fun to get them decked out in some holiday finery, though I still try to keep this stuff relatively low key. It’s cute to see other boys in kindergarten tuxedos or toddler wedding gowns, but my philosophy is they’re just going to grow out of it so… anything that is classic and hand-me-down-able. Check!
Dex and Alice attended their first Snowflake Gala, and it was a pretty fun time. Particularly the part where all these other super moms & dads were feeding food to the kids and taking them to play! There was a candy bar, balloon animals, Mr. Potato Head, and video games. Suffice to say it was not surprising when Dexter broke down into tears when it was time to go home. Sorry, dude!
At another time, we were full on winter folk during a snowy downtown excursion. It was our first giant dump of snow in the city, rendering all roads and driving a complete nightmare. Luckily, we just decided to walk and take the bus and train.
While Dex was off at school, Alice came with me to do some work one morning. We were visiting City Hall School that day to take in a presentation on homelessness for a grade 6 class. Research and inspiration for my youth initiative with the United Way in the new year.

My sweet babies are also being very cuddly this winter.

BOOM. Then I was in Vancouver, visiting with one of my best and oldest friends.



We were there for the Grey Cup!
YESS Champions Day came and went…


More time at city hall. Alice is always working hard.


And in the realm of random things I do for myself, my friend Christy has been giving me skating lessons. My objectives were to learn how to stop without random scraping my pick all over the place, with the subsequent spinning out of control. I am happy to report that the “STOP” initiative has been a success! My big takeaways from skating lessons have been 1. Bend your knees and 2. Use your edges.


A few neighbours and I joined forces to do a neighbourhood carolling party. I played piano and sang with two guitarist neighbours, and it was incredibly jolly. Bonus was the hostess this year had a gorgeous grand for me to enjoy.


My kids are currently into playing dress up.
Also, watching Scooby Doo.



Amidst it all, there is still this.


I’ll see if I have it in me to pop out a holiday post (obviously I’ll try) once this week wraps up. I particularly want to do a post on saying NO and other goals for the new year! Until then, stay warm, play safe (party season is upon us), and don’t forget to spread the cheer this holiday season!