We have been having a most wonderful time at the bungalow! There has been no shortage of company, treats, wine, and good food. We have had, and continue to have, many visitors from days of yore. Good friends from childhood, high school, and University. They have all been coming home and descending upon the bungalow in waves. I love it! And, there are more reunions to be had between now and New Years.
Since I last posted, I was still wrapping things up before holiday break. Taking my kids to the school concert on the bus. Too close to drive and park. A bit far to walk in dress clothes (that being said, we did walk home afterward).
It was a fine little affair. Thanks to the work of all the teachers who put lots of time into these productions – I know how much work it is to teach a group of children to sing a few songs!
Alice was a lively one throughout, running up and down the aisle with a few other little siblings. I figured she wasn’t being consciously obnoxious and was clearly enjoying the show, so I let her be. Later, I wondered where she had got to, and she was standing right at the front beside the teacher.
I let her be.
Then, during the very last number… a little Alice came wondering onto the stage.
OMG. I actually think I said, “OH MY GOD” and sprang to my feet. Ran down the centre aisle, then realized there was no way for me to access the side stage. I ran back, out the gym, around the side, and missed her again. She decided to go out on stage a SECOND TIME. Eventually, I secured my little one. What a night!
We had a refreshing walk home.
After my mom duties, I had some lady-at-large duties. Attended the ASSIST annual Christmas luncheon (I’m the honorary chair for their walk and run) and had the pleasure of sitting beside one of my favourite people, former city councillor, Michael Phair. We ate whole roast pig together, crispy skin and all. Delicious.
Went to Global to film a promotional commercial thingy for Bust A Move 2015 (another one of my honorary chair gigs) with the hilarious Nicola Crosby, who makes it nearly impossible to do a proper take without laughing.
Inspired by taking my kids on the bus, I decided to do it again.
Very convenient to ride to and from our holiday parties on the train, and the kids are finally getting faster at walking, so the last leg home is actually a lot of fun! Climbing up snow banks, making tracks. This is what Don and imagined when we decided to move back in 2008. Wouldn’t it be way better to walk all around town with our kids in tow instead of needing to load them up into car seats every single time you have to go somewhere?
Then, the winter fun! I’ve been working on my skating at city hall. My fine friend, Christy, has been giving me lessons.


House guests started arriving. It’s amazing to have so many extra people come and unbalance the ratio of adults to children. My childless friends love playing with the kids! It means I can sit back and relax while the kids have the best time, with some of my favourite people.
Later that night, we got all dolled up.


And mèi mei did a little performance at my friends’ casual wedding reception.

That weekend, we had so many people living at our house, I started referring to it as a fraternity.

Richard (my bestie pictured below) and I decided we would be called #chibetabeta and I’ve been posting under that hash tag for the whole week. I love living in Edmonton and I love my friends here, but my heart is so full when my oldies are back. It’s not much of a stretch to refer to them as my brothers and sisters – That’s how much I love them.

Speaking of Chi Beta Beta, we also roll out of bed and go running. Took turns pushing the stroller.

On Christmas Day, gong gong brought over tons of tiny oranges (among other things) and peeled them for all the kids.

I gifted HUNT AMOR glasses chains to my mom and sister. I am obsessed with mine, and knew they would share my enthusiasm.

Richard got Adventure Time DVDs for the children, and they have been running around wearing Finn’s hat.

In our quest for relaxation, we set a goal of watching the (original) Star Wars trilogy over the holidays. Mission accomplished. Then, we built an elven Miss Sarah avatar and started playing Dragon Age.

Chi Beta Beta health initiatives are still going strong – We all went swimming.

And people are abiding by my Lebowski Protocol. It means wearing your robe a lot.

Around all the visiting and friends, Alice has taken ill! She is still having a grand time and being as lively as ever, but she was burning up with a fever last night. Her coughing sounds like a dog barking. At other times she sounds like Gollum. Good news is, she is doing much better after her sleep.

And that’s the gist of life on our end. A steady stream of people and treats, with lots of down time. Entertaining comes with its own work, but seeing all these wonderful old friends is something I definitely wouldn’t give up for anything. Thank goodness for dishwashers and vacuums.
This down time has been a very good reminder that being horizontal while watching a movie is not time wasted. It’s a treat to hang out with Chi Beta Beta without any makeup on. And, it’s super fun having my kids around all day!

Alas, I’ll be back to share more from the 2nd half of this vacation period. But first, I’ve got to actually get dressed because we’re venturing off site for supper tonight. Hope your holidays have been fun and restorative as well!