Went to the premiere of The Little Deputy, a local short film that Don and I were lucky enough to have bit parts in. It was also the perfect opportunity to reunite with my beloved, Bryce Kulak!

Amor swung by to help me out with the kids. SOLID FRIEND.

Then, Adrianne and I put on tartan in preparation for the Lassie Burns Dinner. She’s wearing my Glasgow 2014 tam and I’m wearing Don’s tie from the Lord Provost in Glasgow.

 We rode bikes to the dinner, and on the way back we had to make preparations for the rainy journey home. My jacket wasn’t rain-friendly, so I flipped it inside out.

In other news, Alice got her hair trimmed for the first time.

And had her first kiss from a non-caretaker!

The Westglen kids were extra sweet the other day, and gave the kids and I some of the best thank you cards I have seen in some time.

We’ve been going to visit city hall school to talk about community with the grade 1 classes. They asked the BEST questions about the mayor and the family. Yesterday, my favourite was whether or not teaching was important to me. And, a runner up favourite question was whether Don and I slept in the same bed.
I know I haven’t been posting as much, but I’m sure you realize it’s because the volume of things in my life is at an all time high. Rest assured, I am well and I am still Miss Sarah of G&B. Just with more competing priorities:)
Have a great week!