In this afterglow of feeling very relaxed and balanced, I’ve been trying to think of ways to acknowledge and celebrate the small things more often. Usually, I feel like I’m stuck in a never ending obstacle course come marathon! There’s no time to reflect or celebrate much… since I’m always thinking about the next thing.
This week was fantastic! I’ve been catching up with all my wonderful students about holidays, and am so happy to see their darling faces again. I really, really, love them.
I’ve been making Leanne’s kale salad and have been eating it every day this week. Greens in the system is a good thing.
I’ve also begun doing something just for me. Cross Country Skiing!
XC skiing has appealed to me for a long time because it’s (supposedly) something you can do without any special trip to the mountains or much gear. The sporty stuff you see me wearing is the same stuff I bought for winter running (also new to me). The wind pants are for cycling, but we all know that when I bike, I wear regular clothes.
So early this winter, I bit the bullet and bought some wind proof insulated pants, a long sleeved running shirt thingy, and a light insulated vest, and also the same version of that vest in a jacket.
The skis, boots and poles were from last winter. I went once, had very little success with propelling myself forward, and then the winter passed without another effort.

Enter Gina this year, the brains and beauty behind Ski Life! She is a dear friend and quite amazing. And, has begun instructing others in her area of expertise: cross-country skiing!

I’ve recruited a few of my friends to take Gina’s beginner lessons with me. We went for the first time on Wednesday and everybody is HOOKED! I can’t say I’m particularly good at it, but xc skiing is so much more meditative than I ever thought. You get a rhythm. You glide!
We had a stellar time and can’t wait to do it again.
I’ve also been winter biking! It’s been so warm, I’ve been able to wear my Bano eeMee and Workhallscarf.

I’ve also been having some great meetings this week. Super interesting stuff unfolding in my orbit!

And always, I am a mom first. Getting up early to get Dex ready and off to school, and then this little monkey hangs out with me all morning until (PRAISE) child care comes to assist me with life. I am so grateful to have wonderful kids who can go with the flow and accompany their mom on all her crazy adventures.

(please note that Alice’s skirt is an amalgamation of cat faces)

Have a great weekend, all!