The main theme around here these days is celebrating winter! My sister-in-law, Renée, and I managed to get a bunch of kids together to hang out at the Winter City Shake Up. We rode on a big ice slide (FUN), the kids guffawed at a magician, and then we roasted marshmallows.
Check out the aforementioned snow slide!

The kids and I have been continuing our visits to City Hall School, you can see Alice grinning at somebody from under that desk. Getting to talk to grade 1 students has been so uplifting! They tell me about how they are good helpers in their community and ask me questions about the mayor and his family.

I was commenting to this one class about how all moms are really busy people, because we have so much work to do. One little girl in the back shot her hand up and proclaimed, “My mom is the BOSS of my house!” She then drew the conclusion that I too, must the boss of my house. YEAH!

Love it!

I have been lucky enough to get these journal entires from Mrs. Hut (city hall school teacher) afterward.
For Chamber Ball I took this HUNT AMOR prototype out for a spin – It was a big hit! So flattered to wear such a kick ass piece of jewelry.

Went to see my sister perform in the chorus for Edmonton Opera’s Magic Flute. My mom and bro happened to be in attendance as well, so it was a full-on family affair!

Then, in further celebration of winter – SKIING!

Kids had a PD day and were staying home from school one day.

Fuelling up during errands at District Co. They’re one of Apricity’s event sponsor’s (a fabulous spring party we’re throwing to raise money for Edmonton Public Library’s Welcome, Baby program).

Reading my friend’s book!

Dex has been sleeping in his Finn hat.

And, more skiing!

This time it was in the mountains. Got invited by a friend to stay at a cozy cabin, and obviously it took me less than 2 minutes to determine which weekend was free and JUMP ON THAT.

Upon my arrival home, my family came over with take-out to have a casual birthday dinner for my brother’s birthday. Since strong brows are in again, I asked my mom (makeup artist) to draw one for me…

This week I’ve been feeling under the weather, but I still rallied to go see Bears, featuring my darling friend, Bryce. At the reception, I fell in love with Jezebel the dog.

Looking forward to some down time this long weekend! Aside from work, there is actually scheduled FRIEND TIME and we’re going to take the kids swimming too.
Normal people stuff.