Hi Readers! I’m happy to report that I’ve been walking up a storm and my calves now have a life of their own. I didn’t realize it, but the newest update for my phone includes that health app which counts your steps. I was super impressed by myself when I did 12,000. The next day I did 17,000. Then, I started averaging around 20,000 for a few more days.
Point is, tooling around a city that has amazing public transportation (read: the TUBE) means lots of steps. And I loved every minute of it.
Thanks to the magical Oyster card, I was everywhere.

But, sometimes it’s way more fun to take the bus and be topside. Since double deckers are such a novelty, I always go upstairs.

And trains aren’t just for the underground. They’re also for visiting Bath, to see one of your besties!

All the buildings are old so… Emma’s house is actually an old school house. With a swing in the kitchen (that part is new).

My first pieminister  experience at The Raven!

As much as I like the big city, the quaint town life is pretty hard to beat. We went running in fields full of sheep and then ate pastries.

Georgion uniformity makes you feel like a character from a Jane Austen novel.

Back in the big city, I love to look at other old things.

The Belgravia of England! None of the houses in my neighbourhood look like this, but these row houses look hella posh.

Got some theatre time in (obviously).

And sampled many local delights, such as a fabulous Speakeasy where the cocktails are science experiments.

It had been nine years since I’ve last been in London, and I was really surprised at how much fun I had! I knew it would be good. Though, I was unprepared for how delightful a treat it would be to operate on my own time and see friends for an entire week without my other obligations.

I am feeling very lucky!