Finally, I get to come up for air!
My committee, Apricity, has been planning a spring cocktail party at the Jasper Place branch for the last several months. Last night, we finally got to debut our work!
Once Upon a Spring Time was certainly a labour of love, and each one of our committee members brought something unique to the group. No way this sort of thing happens without good people.

Earlier, during set up, we were lucky enough to have Behind the Blush come and make us pretty. After the Saturday I had, and with all my running around to pick up food the morning of… I was looking pretty rough.

Thanks Stef (above) and Jana (below)!

I won’t bore you with tales of crafting and lots of moving parts and all organization that went into the event, but we did it!
Transformed the library into a literary garden with the help of Cory Christopher.

Plus, here are Cat and Nicole, our PR and media specialists, doubling as florists.

Rowena, our chair, always checking in.

It all came together so beautifully, I really do think everybody had a swell time.

Once the party got started I actually ditched my phone and big camera so that I could move around more easily with my hands free. There are tons of pictures from others, and I managed to survive almost falling down a bunch of stairs (it had to happen to someone), and we raised lots of money for the library’s Welcome, Baby program.

All in all, a big success!