biking almost every day since the thaw with barely any photos to show for it because I’m in such a rush both going and coming back. There was a time when I was so eager to document every outing! Times change.

Needless to say that I am digging life on two non-studed tires. And, you can see that Alice digs it too! She’s finally big enough to sit on the BoBike Jr that I have mounted on the back of the Linus Mixte.

Perfect timing, since she’s starting preschool in the fall and that’s how she’ll get there. BoBike plus potty training. Lots of milestones at my place.

I remember when I was first pregnant, and then with a newborn, and then pregnant again, and with another newborn – The prospect of not riding in a straightforward manner (modifications for car seats that were heavy, going super slow with floppy babies, being limited by inclement weather) was a far off notion.

Not anymore. After painstaking years, my kids are finally walking to the train in a timely manner. They know how to stop at the corner and wait for me to cross the street. They know not to stick their feet in the spokes of the wheel.


Oh yah, and there is a hilarious photo of me trying to do yoga a the Bust A Move event last month. Thanks to Kyla Feschuk for sending it out on Twitter!
In other news, mèi mèi is preparing for a gig this Friday, playing the reception for the Courage Gala; I’ve got Edmonton Public Library’s Books2Eat event and after party; and I get to hang out with my Little Sister this weekend!
While I bid you good bye for now, I’ll leave you with a new mèi mèi video. My friend mentioned that I don’t look at the camera enough – I KNOW. It’s because I don’t have the songs memorized and I’m always reading music: