I usually take a vacation for spring break, but since I was away earlier in March I decided to turn this spring break into a little staycation with the the family. We got up to all sorts of trouble!
Like going swimming with the cousins. And on another occasion, having said cousins over for a sleepover.

We also went to the AGA for their Wednesday tours for tots.

The emphasis was on shapes.

Dexter’s is a firehouse with rescue bots in the sky.

Below, this picture of Alice eating noodles with a top knot, got SO MANY LIKES on Instagram.

I’ve had lots of fun with friends too. Getting caught up with my people, hanging out at Western Canadian Fashion Week, having brunch, and even dancing at The Common!

Most of all, I’ve been hanging out with these monkeys and banking up some R&R.

Oh, and Sable and I spent a bit of time recording some samples of our ukulele covers so that people asking us to play, can actually refer to something that displays what we sound like. We did a few takes, but generally were satisfied if there weren’t too many horrific mistakes (like me cursing when playing the wrong chord).

I obviously say this to manage expectations! I am a pianist by trade, and am neither a gifted string instrumentalist or a vocalist. We formed mèi mèi for fun, so don’t take it too seriously or else the spirit of it is lost.