Ooooo, it was a busy one!

For months now, I’ve been waiting for my big keynote moment at the WEStand youth leadership conference. The day finally came, and it was AWESOME!

Great kids, fantastic energy, fun times.

Earlier that week, I was on the train. I chose to elevate my LRT experience with Burrow coffee.

We had a couple of really warm days so the kids have already gotten into summer mode. No shirt? No shoes? No problem.

Meanwhile, I was backstage stealing photos with the beautiful lovelies of The Wet Secrets.


They were performing at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts, where the most illustrious Tommy Banks was being honoured with a lifetime achievement award.


Then, it was my big day speaking to a few thousand of our Edmonton & region youths! It was my job to talk about local leadership, and we had a goooood time.
Listen up! In case you didn’t know – Poverty Is Solvable!
While I was out working, the kids were at the park.

Another day, I dragged Alice out to have coffees and a bit of a browse at Workhall.

And finally, on a Friday afternoon before the YESS gala, I opened up this envelope from Leanne at Centre High (she is their leadership teacher) to discover the most amazing thank you.

It has as poverty is solvable cube and united way pins!

Very touched! My favourite sentiment in the card is from Scott White who wrote, “Good job and great jokes.”
Be still my heart.
I can’t wait to speak to more kids and work on some initiatives in the 2015-16 school year. We’re going to shake things up!
Finally, our Apricity event video is out:

Apricity: Once Upon A Springtime from Chris Onciul on Vimeo.