We’ve been through labour together; drooling, diapers, teething, more “phases” than I can count.. and we’re just getting started.
Happy Birthday, Alice!
My sweet 99th percentile baby is growing up so fast!
She was never a tiny thing. She was one of those babies with gigantic thigh rolls and enormous cheeks.
That first summer we had her, we took her camping.


I think this photo here is her first Thanksgiving.

Then she started growing up!

She went through some intense periods of separation anxiety. There was this month where she would lay in front of the door to my music studio and just moan for a long time when I was teaching my students. She would also stick her fingers under the bottom of the door so that each lesson was part music education and part horror film.
My parents have been key in Dexter and Alice’s lives. Without them, my life would look completely different. All their raising me aside, they have now made it possible for Don and I to perform public service to the capacity that we do. Would be lost without them.

I started tying Alice’s hair into a sprout.

Then two sprouts.

This was mother’s day last year.

And, there was the not-so-distant G8 protester phase.

Her mane is becoming more majestic by the week.

She is stealing my jewelry.


And finally, here she was hiking up a storm in Jasper last weekend.



Love my little lady.
We doubled her height when she turned two┬áin order to predict how tall she might end up. The calculation came out to 6’3.
That’s my girl!