Last weekend we were incredibly lucky to have some family time together in Jasper. Ooooo, how I love it there! It’s super gorgeous and wonderful and I’m already trying to think of ways we can make it back sooner rather than later.
It’s also a rare treat for the kids to see their father during daylight!

Don was actually there on a panel with Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi. They were discussing the importance of libraries and cities, and obviously had a huge turnout for the function. I was running around the lobby with my friend, Leisha, wrangling children in the nearby yoga room.

The next day, we all decided it was time to hike around the lake! The kids had a fabulous time skipping rocks and picking out optimal walking sticks.

I was stoked to have much well overdue quality time with my darling Leisha! She’s a BF who moved back to Medicine Hat last year and we haven’t had much opportunity to see each other since. Jasper was the perfect reunion location!

It’s also the perfect place for building fires. I love a fire.

Fast forward and we’re back home and Don is on a plane to Toronto promoting our excellent city.

I took a few meetings at the hall on Monday. I don’t work there, but these days I’m basically a professional volunteer and public servant, and don’t have meeting space so… I just come here. It’s beautiful!

Oh my gosh, did you guys hear? Our province had such an explosive election. BWAAAAAHHHH! Alberta is full of surprises.

Thanks to everybody who ran – It takes guts to put yourself out there and I know first-hand, how exhausting and all-consuming elections can be when you’re on the ground. Kudos to the candidates!

The dust still hasn’t settled, but the next day I was at a Nina Haggerty lunch where I got to hang out with tons of inspiring artists from the centre. Thanks to Mark Traficante, for a fabulous portrait he gifted me… of his caretaker, Brooke! It’s currently in my studio and I love it.

Oh, and flashback to last week’s 1000 Women high tea where my lady, Krista, and I were pouring tea for some of our guests. Looking forward to seeing lots of our city’s finest at the annual luncheon, where we’re raising money for the new child care facility at Norquest’s new campus! Be there.