Have been banking lots of hours on the bike, on the boat, and eating cake. May is officially here with its barrage of birthdays and the beginning of lake season!
Dexter has been a super sweetie who spent a good chunk of time hanging out on a ladder to keep me company while I scrubbed a boat deck for many hours. I don’t know about you guys, but if something isn’t somewhat clean, I  just can’t enjoy it.
Alice turned 3 on May 14th! Here she is with her hippo and grocery basket when we went to pick up her birthday cake a few weeks ago.
She had a wonderful little cake moment with her cousins and brother. Look at her intense focus! Also, LEGO candles on a ninja turtle cake?
Life is good.
In other super exciting news, my bestie from NYC was here! Leanne was here for a little bit, working on a new book, and managed to have a few hours free so I brought her to my Blackstone set visit. Can’t believe how much work goes into shooting a scene and getting everything ready even before the actors show up to do their thing. Major respect! Also, very impressed that this is shot and produced here in Edmonton.

The ice has just come off the lake recently so the water is COLD. But, boats still have to go in and trailers need to be opened up for the new season. I’ve decided to change my trailer game and have started cooking with the George Foreman in there. It even does eggs!

Alice has likewise been enjoying fresh air. Here she is after waking up from an epic nap. She takes after her mother and is not a morning person.

Water may be cold, but it’s super fun to be out there.

Back at home, Alice and I are on the train. She insists on taking “Clifford” with her wherever she goes.

 That particular morning we were off to a Works Gala meeting. The day before I was on the train to host the little luncheon that got auctioned off for SACE.

Another day, Leanne and I biked down to little brick!

Leanne was there to talk business with Nate. I was just there for the bike ride and sandwiches. I got three mosquito bites on the way home (2 on my face, because they really hate me), but it was worth it to have a few moments with old friends.


After hanging out, Leanne kept riding downtown to investigate some other work-related things. I rode over to grab a few party supplies for Dexter, groceries for BBQ that weekend, and was also carrying my stash of coffee beans.

This is my favourite sort of stuff on a bike. Riding to get some work done. Picking up groceries and stuff in small batches… biking as transportation, integrated into the whole routine of daily life.

Also rode just yesterday, to get caught up with this darling.

Dexter and Alice also get taken to soccer via bike. It’s their favourite!

And finally, before my beloved Leanne departed for NY, she made us some gourmet mac n cheese last night.
Oh yah, and Dexter celebrated HIS birthday too! Now he’s 6 years old and I actually have to send him off with bus tickets to ride the train. Everybody is growing up so fast – Love my little family!
Hope you’re staying safe from the sun and bugs – If you’re a fair weather cyclist, I’ll be seeing you out there!