Love all these ladies in my life! My daughter, mommy, niece, sister-in-law, and sister!
I’m sure they’re all impressed by my locker room photo antics at the Edmonton Eskimos Women’s Dinner.
Later that week, The Works Gala co-chairs, Sydney and Sarah were representing at AGA’s Art on the Block. If you don’t have your Works Gala tickets yet, go here and GET ‘ER DONE!


Taught my students, hung out at the Royal Bison with my little sister, and then sat with Sophie the dog at my hair appointment.


Took my newly trimmed hair to the CSU 52 retirement dinner. This dinner is one of my favourites! There are the sweetest retirees with their families, and all these animal helium balloons that people  take for their kids and grandkids. Also, tiramisu.


Excited about my Royal Bison loot, which is more HUNT AMOR.


Mother’s Day! My kids were actually with my parents for the day (they take Dexter to wushu class) so my gift was sleeping in and then running a bunch of errands with Don in preparation for lake season. There were no groceries in the house, so we stopped off at Belgravia Hub to inhale some yummy brunch before heading off.

Later on Mother’s Day we convened at my brother’s for BBQ! I was reunited with the kids, and everybody else. Here, you see me with Sable and my mommy!


Got home, put the kids to bed, and then shared my Moonshine Doughnuts at our weekly GoT viewing.

In other mom-related duties, I took the kids to their dentist appointments. Dexter was a champ!

And now that the weather is beautiful out, I am often found sitting on my front steps, awaiting my afternoon students.


I hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day, in whatever capacity you celebration your mama!
 Really stoked about sharing adventures from the lake and lots of birthdays in the next while!