Pashley and I have been all around lately! Though, I’ve been pedalling slow and steady in 2nd gear because I’ve been SICK. Bah. Sore throat, losing my voice and this constant ear ache (right side). I suppose the best remedy is resting, and I have been doing a lot of that, but the show must go on.
I was happy to be feeling better for the YESS gala last weekend – It was a lot of fun! Neverland was the theme (think Peter Pan) and it was fabulous down to the last detail. SK events set a beautiful table and my beloved Owen from Edmonton Digital Arts College did amazing projection mapping! I particularly loved the psychedelic mushrooms.


I even had time to catch up with a friend that weekend. Tom and I biked to eat pizzas together.

It’s that weird weather where you never know what jacket to wear. That’s why I have a lot of them.

Got to visit my friend’s excellent new house! What a modern treat! I obviously have healthy envy over her DWELL abode, but am happy I can just go and visit whenever I need a dose of crazy high ceilings and gorgeous white walls with tons of light and clean lines.

Back at my humbalow (humble + bungalow), Alice was showing off her super cheeks before bedtime one night.

Despite my illness, I pedalled my way to 124 st to eat a roast beef sandwich at Dovetail Deli. YUMMY. I’ll be going back on Monday.

I’ve noticed recently that Alice has had another growth spurt. This led me to believe that the Mini Privéclothes I got for their birthdays might not fit anymore (even though I bought a few sizes up). So they opened their treats early.

Alice looks pretty cute in her cat romper.

I can’t believe how cheeky she is. STILL ONLY 2 YRS OLD. Ack.

Don brought home a gorgeous Jason Carter bunny from the Theatre Network gala this week. I’ve always wanted a bunny from Carter, and now we have a delightful dude keeping me company on my desk.

I was also at a 1000 Women tea at the Fairmont. It was delicious.

In addition to being their honorary chair lady, I also offered my services as pianist for a while!

Then I was pouring tea and eating these.

Finally, ran into my ladies at the Make a Wish gala. Love to party with Erin and Kendall!
Alright, it’s been busy and I’m on the mend. Now I have to stop blogging and get going!