In some ways, certain things have died down, but other delightful things have taken up my time.
Edmonton has been having the most fabulous weather (albeit a little dry) so we’ve been enjoying tons of time outdoors! Perfect too, since Edmonton has been hosting lots of out of town guests. I love that people have gotten the opportunity to see Edmonton in its summer glory. We’re a beautiful city!
I’ve been delivering Dexter to school in the bucket bike. THEY LOVE IT.
Speaking of love, Dexter had a pretty fun time in the park with his pals.

In the realm of work, my Works gala co-chair and I were at Coup Boutique, shooting a few promo pictures for the party. They’re offering 20% off for anybody who has purchased a ticket (thanks)!

The kids have been roaming around downtown with Emily.

I took the kids to a Pilgrims Hospice brunch one weekend. It was glorious.

Here is Alice’s bed head.

And here she is on one of our rainbow (pride) sidewalks!

More Works promo shoots at Lululemon, a generous contributor to our silent auction.

On a downtown day, we had impromptu hot dog cart lunch with dad.

And, Alice continues her trend of coming with me to work. This time she assisted me with the red carpet reception at the 1000 Women Luncheon.

I am been riding the faster bike. Oh, it’s so much fun!

Rode it to a Works gala meet (it’s in a few weeks, which is why I’m talking about it all the time).

Later on, I switched to LRT to get downtown.

And the next day I was happy to see the LRT jammed to the rafters with FIFA fans.
Bin and I found ourselves at a world sporting event again.

It was a glorious day for a game!

Then it was off to city hall to host all the delegates from FCM conference. We had food trucks outside and an open house inside the hall. People were able to wander around and make their own fun – It was great!

And then I hopped on the train again to go to see Metric and Imagine Dragons.

And finally, the train back home again with Sable.
And to cap off the weekend, a breezy ride over to brunch.

Prouder than ever to live in Edmonton – It’s been a swell time!