Every August I get this email, letting me know that it’s time to renew my domain here at G&B. Even though I’m set up for auto renew, I still get the reminder email. For the past few years, every time this email arrives, I consider retiring the ‘ol blog.
Those who like my little photos can easily find me on Instagram, right? And, past a certain point, talking about the things I’ve done never seems to accurately reflect how much work it all is. Sitting here and writing it all down just seems like extra work. This, on top of all the behind the scenes effort required to make life run smoothly!
The blog is supposed to celebrate community and active transportation here in Edmonton (and during the summer, at the lake). Sure, it’s a sliver of Miss Sarah’s life, but sometimes there is a danger of people only thinking that I’m all rainbows and unicorns. Yes, the blog is generally a happy place! It’s designed to be that way. But, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole machine rumbling in the background, producing the show.
Still, I find value in keeping this scrapbook of sorts. I like having a record of the stuff I’m up to with the kids. I like looking back at an old post and remembering where I was at that point. There is still something that compels me to post (albeit less frequently due to time and motivation).
So I’m still here. And, if you’re still here reading – Thank you!
The remainder of my summer featured MORE SAILING! Fun fun fun fun fun. It’s such a strange sport, but the fun of rigging up a boat and making it move because of the wind? I love it.
We also made the annual pilgrimage to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
Alice broke her arm there.
She was climbing on us while we were laying on our blanket on the grass, and just fell down like a sack of potatoes. GREAT. So she got this back slab splint thing and had to wear it for 3 weeks.
She’s completely recovered now, and as you can see, the splint did not slow her down in the least.
We took some sweet kids on a Mayor for a day visit to city hall.



On a tour of the hall, we crashed the media room where they all took turns making statements. Dexter proclaimed everybody should have the day off. And, he invited them to a special party that was going to be catered by A&W, which he alleges, “Is the finest restaurant in Edmonton!”



After city hall, we all went over to fire station no. 1
It’s the only station in the city that still has poles! The kids got to climb on the trucks and see all the gear. Plus, meeting both the mascot, Sparky, and the official (though retired) fire dog – Sprocket! We also shot down pylons with the hose and ate lunch with a bunch of firefighters!


More laking.
Ooooo! My darling Leisha (camping buddy) made a visit.



And that was the same weekend my friend Simon, and I, took a little boat out on our own! No grown ups or teachers.

FIBA was an absolute thrill – Go team Canada!

Alice enjoyed being a cat at the kids fringe.


Hell basically froze over and I practised my swimming a whole bunch in August, in preparation for the Try-A-Tri. Hard core sporting stuff is really not my cup of tea, but I sort of committed myself in the spirit of “Yay!” for our fine city. Anybody who had a conversation with me in August heard me whine about the swimming.
I’m sorry.


Continued to do my fair share of pedalling around.
Went to dinner with a view, with my Works Gala co-chair, Sydney!
Then back to water and sunshine.
Ditto to Wednesday night racing! Not a lot of wind that night, which meant lots of harassing the enemy with my chattiness.
A few weeks later, and it turned COLD. My puffy down vest wasn’t even enough to deal with the bite that’s now in the lake air. I have since then purchased wooly socks, waterproof wind/rain pants, and a toque.
Ah, the cold weather extended to Edmonton for triathlon day. It was under 9 degrees… so NO SWIMMING! Part of me was a little disappointed that I would never know how I did, but a larger part of me was just happy not to swim.
Thanks to my friend, Jess, who leant me her sweet road bike.


The day after – Tour of Alberta.


Ah! The aforementioned Jess, joining me at the CASA ride start line. Nice to bike in civvies again.
Which, also means Alice coming to work with mommy (I’m 2016 co-chair for United Way’s Campaign Cabinet, and also the lead on UW’s youth initiative). It was time to talk to some fine people at the Glenrose about their campaign!
And that was just up until a few weeks ago. I’m now back at teaching (YAY!) and the kids are sometimes at school and sometimes with me during the day when I’m doing the 2nd job. There are lessons for the kids to get to, and infinite amounts of coordination required to make it all happen.
Having a lot of fun:)
And, working a lot.
You guys hang in there, and so will I!