In my opinion, cycling with your family is amazing fun. It has been a challenge, however, to find cycling set-ups that were suitable for infants and babies under the age of 1. With Dexter, we used a car seat that mounted onto our cargo bike, and with Alice we strapped her car seat into a boxy trailer we borrowed from a friend.

When Dexter was an only child, we really loved using the Chariot trailer that some friends gave to us.

  1. Used it to get the library
  2. We would stuff blankets in it during winter
  3. Take it to see friends for lunch
  4. And used it with Alice, when we had copious amounts of cargo for the folk festival
  5. Here, I wrote about it as a guest post for Simply Bike

We also have a Madsen Cargo Bike, which has a bucket in the back that seats up to four kids.

  • Here is Dexter at 6 months
  • At two years old
  • Grocery shopping
  • And now with both kids together!

Another reader and Madsen family also biked with their baby.

  • Of course, there are the other mounted options for biking with children.
  • Somebody gave me this hand-me-down seat that I used for one summer.
  • A friend of mine is in love with her Yepp.
  • And I also inherited a most coveted Bobike Jr. which I am currently using when Dexter is solo

Over the winter, I had both kids in a double trailer. Baby Alice’s side had the infant sling installed on her side.