Cycling is a viable mode of transportation, even while pregnant! Maybe the thought of it makes you raise an eyebrow, maybe you’re here looking for inspiration, maybe you just want to feel less like a freak because you’re doing it already and think you’re alone…

You’re welcome to read about my riding adventures during my first pregnancy with Dexter:
  1. I rode to school, while doing coursework for the Masters
  2. Riding on Easter Sunday
  3. Out to a work function with Don
  4. To dinner after work
  5. To a local bike store to suss out options for biking with baby
  6. The day before I went into labour, out to buy a new bike with my friend
Having done it the first time, I felt less self-conscious during my second pregnancy with Alice:
  1. I broke out my winter things in order to ride to dinner with my lady friends
  2. Took Pashley out into the light snow
  3. Switched over to the winter bike
  4. With studded tires, ice isn’t really a problem
  5. Rode all winter until the brown thaw
  6. Continued at 32 weeks
  7. Rode to the opera
  8. And right up until my water broke
My bike-blog friend, S, over at Simply Bike, also did some guest posting for me! She documented cycling through each trimester:
  • 1st trimester
  • 2nd trimester
  • 3rd trimester
We also did a bunch of interviews for S’s series of¬†Cycling While Pregnant.