Cycling in the winter isn’t nearly as scary as you might think. In Edmonton, it’s winter for most of the year. It has been a wonderful transition from being a fair weather cyclist to a four-seasons one, because now I get to stay active, get outdoors, soak up some sun, and still get things done – all year. Once I got studded tires put on my old mountain bike from high school, it was just like… riding a bike.

Other than the studded tires and a winter helmet (same effect as wearing a toque underneath a regular helmet), it’s business as usual.

  1. Here is a great shot of what winter biking can look like
  2. You can winter bike to brunch, while pregnant
  3. Sometimes you haul your kids too, and the wind requires that you wear goggles (scroll down)
  4. If you’re lucky, your partner is around and can do the towing
  5. Regular winter day, ferrying the kids
  6. And, here is a dandyhorse profile on me and other winter cyclists